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Owning a Volvo 1800S from 1964

This blog is all about my Volvo 1800S, named 64SAINT. It's about its history, the purchase, the maintenance, driving it to shows or just to photogenic places, the whole experience of owning a 50-year-old car.

It was first registered in August 1964 in Mobile, Alabama, and is considered a 1964 model. I bought it as the fourth owner (although I'm not really sure if I'm the fourth or fifth) in July 2010 from someone in California. Although currently a non-Volvo red (I was told a "Ferrari Red"), it was originally white (Volvo color code #79) and there have been a couple of other changes too. For example: the wheels are now Panasports; there is a single downdraft Weber carburetor rather than the original twin SUs (a common upgrade); it uses electronic ignition (but not fuel injection). Other than that it's pretty standard.

And it drives as beautifully as it looks...